Day 2 – practise makes, errrr, still not perfect

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Overnight I had a bit of a rethink about the Lone Star, working on the theory that the less points I had to match up the less likely I was to mess it up, I changed from a 5 pattern 8 point star to a 3 pattern 6 point star. What do you think? I quite like the star (and although the points STILL aren’t perfect they are far better than yesterday’s effort) but I’m not sure about the backing.  All the fabrics are from the same Tula Pink collection (Fox Field) but I think it looks a bit busy and the star gets lost.  Hmmm, I think I’ll put a grey border round it and see how it looks – I naturally shy away from busy prints (my perfect world would be all blenders and solids) so maybe I’m just being a bit paranoid as it’s out of my comfort zone……


Day 1 – not exactly a flying start!


Ok – that’s not great is it? Look at that centre of that Lone Star – it’s slightly, errrr, crooked (I was actually using much stronger language than that when I did it but I can’t really print that, can I?).  It was all going really well until I put the final 2 halves together, I must admit I had an inkling it wasn’t right when the bottom edges of both halves weren’t straight but I ploughed on anyway – gah! I’d like to say I won’t do that again but if I’m honest I probably will – MUST LEARN TO MEASURE & CUT ACCURATELY!

I unpicked this 3 times and still couldn’t get it too work so I’m officially calling it a ‘practice’ and I’ll have another go tomorrow😊  On the plus side it does mean I can fussy cut the pieces for that central star, all the way through making it I was irritated that some of them had the star centrally placed and other didn’t – every cloud and all that I suppose, eh?

If you’re wondering what I’m making it’s a Lone Star for a mini quilt swap I’m doing, it’s run by Schnitzel and Boo. It’s too late to join this swap but have a look at the #schnitzelandboominiswap and #makeaquiltmakeafriend tags on Instagram, there are literally hundreds of amazing quilts in the process of being created. I am truly awestruck by how talented my fellow quilters are😘

Hello and Happy New Year

Well, where do I start?  Every year I make New Years Resolutions – get fit, lose weight, blah, blah, blah and I never stick to any of them.  Why? Well partly because life gets in the way and partly because, well, I’m a bit rubbish at them.

Generally I resolve to do less of something – eat less rubbish, spend less time on the sofa, drink less booze, spend less money, This year I’m trying something a bit different and resolving to do more of something I love and just never seem to have time for – in 2015 I’m committing to do something creative every day of the year.  That might be sewing, crochet, cooking (though not regular everyday food – it has to be something out of the ordinary) or maybe something completely new, who knows?

My day job doesn’t allow much space for creativity and over the past couple of years I’ve begun to notice that as a gap in my life more and more, I’ve been sewing for several years but it’s always “when I have time”, this is my way to force myself to make more time for something I love – that’s gotta be good, right? This blog is my attempt to both document that and hold myself accountable.  Who knows maybe I’ll even manage a bit of the eating better and getting fitter too 🙂

I’ve not set myself any hard and fast rules yet – suspect there will be days where I only manage a couple of stitches of crochet and what happens when I’m on holiday or life gets in the way or I get ill?  As the year progresses I’ll have to find ways of dealing with all of those (and more no doubt!) but I can’t help thinking that doing more of what I love can only be a good thing and will set me off down the road to awesome!

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