Day 4 – Slowly, slowly


Well after an emergency trip to Argos to buy a new iron this morning it turned out that a combination of unpicking one (and a bit) of the borders and a very energetic pressing did the trick. I couldn’t decide how to quilt it, my normal straight lines didn’t seem quite right and my only previous experience of free motion quilting involved a weird squiggle and some accidental obscene anatomical graffiti (I kid you not – what’s worse is that I didn’t even notice until someone pointed it out to me some time later!) but I decided to grasp the nettle and try and do some proper FMQ.

I had a little practice on a some scraps that turned into a very long practice when my almost brand new Janome decided to have a tantrum and refuse to work properly as soon as I put the FMQ foot on, eventually I managed to coax her into working reasonably well and we had a go. I went for straight lines on the star (with my walking foot – I’m not brave enough to try straight lines with a FMQ foot!) and a pattern just in the borders.  I don’t know if this pattern has a name, I don’t think I’ve seen it quilted anywhere but I may well be wrong as I’ve not actually looked that closely. It’s something I often doodle in boring meetings at work, I think it was originally part of an exercise we did in Primary School to learn how to write “joined up” letters!  Wherever it’s come from this example is not a good one as it’s my first ever attempt but hey, I had a go and it can only get better and I actually think it works quite well in the border.

So the mini quilt is nearly done, just need to stitch the binding down on the back and put a label on it and it’s finished, so what next?


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