Day 1 – not exactly a flying start!


Ok – that’s not great is it? Look at that centre of that Lone Star – it’s slightly, errrr, crooked (I was actually using much stronger language than that when I did it but I can’t really print that, can I?).  It was all going really well until I put the final 2 halves together, I must admit I had an inkling it wasn’t right when the bottom edges of both halves weren’t straight but I ploughed on anyway – gah! I’d like to say I won’t do that again but if I’m honest I probably will – MUST LEARN TO MEASURE & CUT ACCURATELY!

I unpicked this 3 times and still couldn’t get it too work so I’m officially calling it a ‘practice’ and I’ll have another go tomorrow😊  On the plus side it does mean I can fussy cut the pieces for that central star, all the way through making it I was irritated that some of them had the star centrally placed and other didn’t – every cloud and all that I suppose, eh?

If you’re wondering what I’m making it’s a Lone Star for a mini quilt swap I’m doing, it’s run by Schnitzel and Boo. It’s too late to join this swap but have a look at the #schnitzelandboominiswap and #makeaquiltmakeafriend tags on Instagram, there are literally hundreds of amazing quilts in the process of being created. I am truly awestruck by how talented my fellow quilters are😘


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