Day 10 – social sewing


Well, I’ve done nothing but ‘sew’ all day today so this little pouch isn’t really much to show for it, is it? That was probably because it was our monthly modern quilt guild meeting today and most of my ‘sewing’ was actually ogling things other people had made (some real good sewists in our group!) and chatting, a lot of chatting. This is just a little extra to go in with the mini quilt I made last week, made with some of the fabric I had left over from the mini.

I did actually do a bit more then just this pouch, I subcut all those hundreds of strips I cut yesterday and made a start on some of the piecing too, that’s getting put aside for a while now and I’m moving on to something different tomorrow (promise!) and I can’t wait 😊


Days 8 & 9 – bits n strips


Sorry for not posting yesterday – those of you that know me in ‘real life’ will know I have currently got a metal frame on my leg after I broke it at the end of last summer, yesterday I was at the hospital seeing the consultant and, good news, he’s happy with the progress I’ve made and says the frame can come off in 2 weeks!  Part of the prep for that was loosening the frame, plus I got to have one of the pins removed (I got an infection round it last month & although that’s now cleared up it is still pretty painful so they agreed to take it out early for me) that took quite a few hours (lots of hanging around at these things!) and I was absolutely exhausted by the time I got home (plus my leg feels really weird, and a bit painful, with a loosened frame on it).  Anyway the upshot of all that is that I DID do something creative – about 20 min of crochet (that’s a bit of it in the pic) but I then fell asleep on the sofa!


On to today. This is mainly prep for one of my next projects – a quilt for my Mum.  You probably won’t see many more pictures of this until it’s finished as she knows I’m making it and she knows the colours but that’s all and I don’t want to spoil the surprise! I spent about 2 hours pressing fabric and then cutting it into strips, when I’m at my MQG meeting tomorrow I’ll be sub-cutting and starting sewing.  I’m not in any great rush to finish it so I think I’ll keep it as a MQG project for the next few months….

Day 7 – and goodbye Mr Star


I ditched the star. I couldn’t be doing with it, the more I looked at it the more annoyed I got so it’s now been consigned to the bottomless scrap bag. Oh well, good experience I suppose.

On the other hand I LOVE this.  I’ve always liked Dresden Plates but have never made one, partly because I’m scared of appliqué and partly because I always thought they were really difficult – surely you need some sort of magic tool to make them? And how do you get those little points even?  Surely it takes HOURS to make one?   Well, it turns out I was wrong to be such a scaredy cat – no magic tools required, in fact no magic at all and it took me less then an hour to make this one.  I am now officially over stars and crushing on Dresdens…….

Day 6 – nope, still don’t like it


Well I went ahead and finished the block but I still don’t like it – the points don’t match (again!) and it looks a bit nondescript.  I need the block finished for the weekend to take to the next Leeds MQG meeting but I’m not sure I have the time (or inclination) to make another. I think I’ll sleep on it tonight and see how I feel tomorrow…. Maybe it’s time to take a break from quilting for a few days and try something different (I’m itching to start on my next project but I’ll leave you in suspense about what that might be….)

Apologies for the short post tonight – Tuesday is a busy day for me but at least I still managed a little bit of creativity!

Day 5 – Twinkle, twinkle little star


Ok I seem to be obsessed with stars at the moment, I promise that once I’ve finished this I’ll steer clear of stars for a while!

This is what I’ve planned for the Leeds MQG Round Robin – I have a couple of reservations about it, firstly that it’s ‘too grey’ (though I LOVE grey!) and secondly that it’s a bit, well, blerghhh. Anyway, I’ve not totally decided if I’ll do this or not, maybe I’ll try it on a different colour backing and see if that jazzs it up a bit. We can always hope 😉

Apart from that I’ve been at work and physio today (recovering from a broken leg) so I’ve not done much else with the exception of cooking up a big batch of bolognese to have for lunch for the rest of the week. That’s not really that creative (even though the recipe varies every time I make it, it’s very much a ‘chuck whatever is in the fridge in’ recipe!) so I guess a half finished star is my only offering for today!

Day 4 – Slowly, slowly


Well after an emergency trip to Argos to buy a new iron this morning it turned out that a combination of unpicking one (and a bit) of the borders and a very energetic pressing did the trick. I couldn’t decide how to quilt it, my normal straight lines didn’t seem quite right and my only previous experience of free motion quilting involved a weird squiggle and some accidental obscene anatomical graffiti (I kid you not – what’s worse is that I didn’t even notice until someone pointed it out to me some time later!) but I decided to grasp the nettle and try and do some proper FMQ.

I had a little practice on a some scraps that turned into a very long practice when my almost brand new Janome decided to have a tantrum and refuse to work properly as soon as I put the FMQ foot on, eventually I managed to coax her into working reasonably well and we had a go. I went for straight lines on the star (with my walking foot – I’m not brave enough to try straight lines with a FMQ foot!) and a pattern just in the borders.  I don’t know if this pattern has a name, I don’t think I’ve seen it quilted anywhere but I may well be wrong as I’ve not actually looked that closely. It’s something I often doodle in boring meetings at work, I think it was originally part of an exercise we did in Primary School to learn how to write “joined up” letters!  Wherever it’s come from this example is not a good one as it’s my first ever attempt but hey, I had a go and it can only get better and I actually think it works quite well in the border.

So the mini quilt is nearly done, just need to stitch the binding down on the back and put a label on it and it’s finished, so what next?

Day 3 – I broke the iron!


Lots of little bitty bits today, I did a bit more of my mini quilt but I broke the iron (I developed superhuman strength and somehow detached the plug from the cable) so the borders look decided scrappy. I’m hoping that once I’ve pressed it then some sort of magic will occur and it will miraculously look ok.  Then again I might be getting the seam ripper out again……

I also finally decided what block I’m going to do for the Leeds MQG Round Robin, it’s based on a six pointed string star block that I found on Katie’s blog over at Swim Bike Quilt. I’ve mentally done a fabric pull in my head but I need to go and have a root through the fabric cupboard of doom just to make sure I’ve not forgotten something! Have you heard of a quilting Round Robin before? It was a new one on me but it’s pretty simple – we each make a block and then pass it on to the next person the following month – by the time it gets back to you you’ve got a quilt!

Lastly I’ve spent the past hour or so doing some crochet, I’m slowly working my way through Attic 24’s Coast Ripple Blanket. I promise some pics soon but I really need to do it in proper daylight to capture the lovely colours and daylight is in short supply round here at the moment!

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